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welcome to Mackie Naturals


We're passionate owners & real people who live in Mission & work in our business daily.  We've always aimed to redefine the Salon/ Spa experience to create a place where everybody, any age, shape or size, is made to feel welcome.  Our "no-attitude", award winning customer service is honest & real-- just like we are. We too have “bad hair days”, “don’t feel great in our skin days” & want you to feel welcome just the way you are!

And what’s our promise? The best for you— fabulous services, great ingredients, & no hype. The Salon/ Spa industry is full of promises that are not based on facts while marketing "beauty" as though it were one thing to all.  At Mackie Naturals, we live differently, we hire differently & we transfer this to our experience with you.  It's not a facade, it's who we are. Our love of relationships with people, and continuous education-- keeps us ever learning, and always open to the changing needs you may have.


So please relax, rejuvenate and be inspired as our down-to-earth team of staff indulge you with our signature body treatments and simple things that make a BIG difference. Mackie Naturals is your spa…right here in the heart of the eclectic town of Mission, BC!

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