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Celebrity LOVE

June  2023

Celebrities around the world love Eminence Organic Skin Care, and many have experienced and adored facial treatments from the company President, Boldijarre Koronczay. Celebrity fans have found Eminence on their own - through their makeup artist, esthetician or simply through word of mouth.

Sunscreen Guide: Why You Should ALWAYS Wear Sunscreen

May 2022

Hello, Sunshine!

I am often asked the question, “What is the best anti-aging thing I can do for my skin?” Without hesitation, the answer is SUNSCREEN. The sun is responsible for approximately 80% of the signs of aging. Blame it for sagging skin and wrinkles; brown spots (hyperpigmentation); white spots (hypopigmentation), and skin cancers. We love the feel of sun on our skin and that glamorous tan, but it is really a time machine on fast-forward. Actually, it’s unfair to blame the entirety of the sun’s rays because it’s the UV rays that are the real culprit... read more below

How to Apply Serums, Oils and Concentrates

July 2021

Serums, concentrates and oils are high value skin care products, so every drop counts! If you’ve ever wondered if you’re using too much product or applying too frequently, we have some simple tips to follow so that you don’t waste a single dollop of these luxurious facial oils or serums... read more below

Clients Ask: Can Face Masks Cause Acne?

January 2021

Masks: We love the protection they offer, but we don’t love what they're doing to our skin. It’s likely your spa clients have been asking you the burning question, "Can face masks cause acne?" The unfortunate answer is: "Yes." Face masks have become a normal part of daily life and, as spa professionals, we know your clients are now coming to you and your spa for solutions (and relief!) from mask-induced acne and irritation. To help, we enlisted some of our favorite skin care experts (our Eminence Organics International Trainers) to share their best advice on how to coach your clients to clear skin — even under a mask.  read solutions below....

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