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Back & Neck Massage

As the name describes, great for upper body tension and de-stressing.  Choose from 30 or 45 min.  $49/ $67  (30 or 45 min) 

Hand or Foot Massage Sampler

Choose hands or feet.  Includes soaking, exfoliation, hot toweling and massage. Choose 3 samplers for our "Sampler Package" and make it a mini "holiday"  $43  (30 min) 

Full Body Relaxation

Using an effleurage style touch, as firm or light as you would like, this massage is perfect for relaxing tense and tired bodies and has the added benefits of hot towels, leaving your muscles relaxed and your skin fresh.  $85 (60 min) 

Massage Trio

Includes our Back & Neck and Face & Scalp Massage, PLUS your choice either of a hand OR Foot Massage  $127 (90 min)

Face & Scalp Massage

The hundreds of facial muscles we use daily, coupled with the complexity of our expressions, it's no wonder we feel such "aaah" when someone massages our face & scalp.  Helps with headache relief,  stress and tension.  Leave naturally just as you are or add hair-styling & Jane Iredale Mineral make-up application after for a date-ready option!   $49 (30 min) 

Pregnancy Massage

Offering options for the pregnant women to get comfortable, our pregnancy massage "pillow" has a soft & gentle hole to allow women to lie on their stomachs if they prefer.  Large breasted and/ or nursing women can find comfort in this bed as the design allows for support & reduced pressure on the body.  Choose 30 or 60 min.   $55/ $100  (30 or 60 min) 

Hot Stone Massage

This combination involves an effleurage style relaxing massage combined with the deep, penetrating heat of the smooth volcanic stones strategically placed and massaged over the entire body.  The heat form the basalt stones creates the feeling of a warm "trail" lingering longer at each area during the therapy, penetrating a little deeper with each application and new set of hot stones.  The penetrating heat brings blood to the muscles, melting tension, knots and trigger points. This is a light pressure treatment and we do suggest a different massage if you're looking for more  kneading and firm massage strokes.  Provides a deep sense of relaxation.  $115  (75 min) 

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