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men's services

Men's Haircut                                          $46

His Bliss Pedicure                                   $58

Sampler Pedicure (add paraffin)          $40/ $19

His Paraffin Hand Therapy                    $37

His Organic Facial                                   $89

Back & Neck Massage (30 or 45 min)  $49/ $67

Full Body Massage                                  $85

Face & Scalp Massage                            $45

Chest Waxing                                           $47

Back Waxing                                             $55

Brow Shaping                                           $19

*while we have tailored a few services to men most of our services are gender neutral & customized to each person's needs.  We don't assume men or women prefer certain things.  Please feel free to select from our complete list of services.

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